Trade Brady? Double quarterback league

Guy in my league is damn near at the bottom of the standings. Offered me a trade. He would receive Brady. I would get Newton and Theilen in return. Current starting line up once BYE weeks pass.
QB: Tom Brady
QB: Mat Ryan
WR: Funchess
WR: Stills
WR: Marquese Lee
RB: Fournette
RB: Gurley
TE: Brate
FLEX: Ingram

Clearly I’m slacking at WR. Do any of you think down grading Brady to Cam to benefit with theilen is a good option?

This could make or break your team… It all depends on Cam, i think thielen is a great add to your team. But the risk on Cam is big. However, Cam had his best year when Benjamin was out injured. I am a big brady fan so i would not take this trade. But i think this could be a good improvement to your team. Lets see what other people say…

You have Matt Ryan and IMO Cam is doing just as bad as Ryan. So if you’re willing to trade Brady then get 2 good receivers or 1 stud receiver and roll with Ryan.

its a two QB league

That was my concern. Ryan has been extremely hurtful for an every week starter. Record is 5-3 as of now. Also was thinking it’s easier to stream a WR than a QB. That’s why I’m seeking second opinions. Thanks for the reply guys.

Yup, just realized that it was two QB league, but still I do think you can get better for Brady. Its not a completely horrible trade but it can definitely ruin your team if Cam continues to play the way he does.

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Really good point you brought up about Cam when Benjamin was off the field. But those were my worries exactly. Idk if it is worth it. Have a decent record when I was playing random WR’s

i am not a big gurley fan so if you want to trade for WR thats who i would trade. But thats just me.