Trade Brees for 1. Chark and Dalton, or 2. Ingram and Dalton, or 3. NO trade

Have J Allen to stream next few weeks. Ami giving up Brees upside in playoffs for Chark? Have Cupp, Locket, Gallup, Scary Terry at WR. Carson, Zelensky, and Miles at RB.

Thoughts desired!!


I’d trade Brees for Ingram. Chark is interesting upside, but love your WR crew as is. Who are you going to drop for Dalton? Do you have to include him?

Thanks. Good thoughts. Hadn’t considered that straight trade. I was thinking of dropping DJax given his health concerns, and Dalton would give me another good option during playoffs at QB.

Well - if you make it to the finals :slight_smile: