Trade Brees for Cousins? Deadline is tomorrow!

What do you guys think of that trade? Guy I’m trying to trade has Wilson so he’d do it straight.

Brees has the better weapons at his disposal. If you re getting him then yes do the trade. There is no incentive to give him up if you have him.

This is a tough one. Cousins has simply produced numbers this season. I traded him for Wilson and have kind of regretted it. He is a consistent producer. The catch is many of his weapons and OL are injured now. Does that eventually catch up? Time will tell. But much like Brady would do, he just keeps finding and accurately throwing to the open man, time after time, injury after injury. I’m inclined to say Cousins is the better option moving forward as he has certainly been to this date 2017. Just take a glance at the week by week production of the two this season and forget their names. Cousins has a higher floor and ceiling.

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