Trade: Brees + for upgrade at WR

Full PPR. I’m trying to deal Brees. I picked up dalton during Saints’ bye, and with dalton’s schedule, I’m comfortable moving in from Brees to upgrade at WR.

I found a pretty good match. Guy needs a QB and has WR depth. His 4 WR I’m interested in are Devante, Tyreek, AJ, and Edelman.

I could send him Brees + Marquise Goodwin or Matt Breida for an upgrade at WR.

My WRs are: Keenan, Watkins, Goodwin, and Cole.
My RBs: Gurley, Hunt, Breida, Buck Allen, and Aaron jone.


I’d definitely go get TyFreak or D.Adams. You could probably get either one for breeze strait up but if you have to add a RB, you’ve got them to spare.

I don’t see you getting either for Brees straight up. QBs just aren’t that valuable compared to skill positions. Brees + Goodwin sounds more promising but I wouldn’t take that for devonta or tyreek. If they are high on Goodwin maybe. Not out of the question but I would still see that as a big win for you. t