Trade Breida for Diggs?

A team in my league is desperate for RBs (had Singletary, Coleman as #2 and #3 RBs) and has asked what I want for Breida (my #4). The only guys on his roster I’d want are Diggs (his #3 WR) and John Brown, but I feel like Brown isn’t enough for Breida (or is he?). Is Diggs a reasonable offer, based on his rough start to the season?

League: Full PPR Redraft, 12 teams, 1QB, 2WR, 2RB, 1TE, 2FL, 1K, 1DST

Personally I’d be afraid of Diggs only because Minnesota seems to want to run the ball 30+ times a game and not let Cousins throw unless he really has to and he doesn’t look very sharp yet, as for Brown he’s getting a lot of targets and opportunities, I think Brown is at 18 targets and 14 receptions to diggs 3 receptions on 9 target.

MN fan here, while they want to run the ball 900 times a game it’s not realistic, cook isn’t durable enough for it. The only way Diggs volume stays low is if cousins keeps being awful or they find a way to get their RB2 meaningful reps

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I 100% agree with you that running the ball at this pace is probably unsustainable for cooks and also game script plays a role and will force Cousins to throw the ball more often if they fall behind, whether or not Cousins improves is yet to be seen, just for now with very limited information in this young season I feel like Brown is safer

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Agreed. Diggs has better upside but he could very well be awful this season.

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Would I be better off just holding Breida then? Doesn’t seem like either of them are fantastic options

Diggs is more boom or bust in my eyes. When Dalvin isn’t running wild, Theilan is Kirk’s first read. If the Vikings trail more games this year, Diggs could be a good pickup. He is also injured for a couple games each year it seems.

John Brown seems safer but getting Diggs at his best for Breida would be a huge boost.