Trade: Breida for Edelman

Full PPR. Just got an offer to give up Breida and receive Edelman. Thoughts?
Other RBs are: Gurley, Hunt, Buck Allen, Clement (probably dropping), and Rashaad Penny (probably dropping)
Other WRs are: Keenan Allen, Keelan Cole, Marquise Goodwin, Marvin Jones, and Sammy Watkins.

Nah . . . you can get more for Breida. Don’t settle for an old slot receiver with minimal touchdown upside.


Now that Jimmy G is out of the lineup, I think Breida stock went up. No one targets RB with dump off passes more than CJ Bethard. Led the league last year which is why Hyde how so many catches. So in any type of ppr format, he’s going to be worth something.


Not with your roster. leaves you too thin at RB and you can totally skate through a season using Allen and rotating between the other wr’s based on matchups.

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