Trade: Breida + John Brown for Diggs

Half PPR. We start 3 WRs, 2 RBs, and a Flex. Would you give up Breida and John Brown for Diggs?
My team is mediocre.

RBs: Ingram, Breida, Shady (and Ivory), Dion Lewis, Jalen Richard, and Kenjon Barner.
WRs: John Brown, AJ Green, Keenan Allen and Geronimo

Thoughts about the trade?

I think I would do it. Diggs is at his lowest value and I think you are buying low. I would do this trade Brieda is a grab bag and I feel like DIggs on a bad day produces what Brown is producing. I say do it…

On a similar note. I have a trade offer of Sanders & Doug Martin for Diggs what do you think?

Make the deal

Which side are you on? I think I prefer the Sanders side of this deal.