Trade Breida, Kirk and Kittle for Lockett?

Hey guys,

I need your help. Would u trade Breida, Christian Kirk and George Kittle for Tyler Lockett? (12 PPR league)

My WRs are: Hopkins, Kupp, Kirk
My TEs: Kittle, Everett

There are TEs like Herndon, Cook, Rudolph still on waivers…

I need your help! I could play Lockett as a premium Flex.
Thanks guys

I think I would do it, since Kittle will miss some time.

Can you list your RB’s? RB Depth is super important at this point in the season. Kittle+Kirk for Lockett is a no brainer imo, but adding in Breida complicates things.

Also who would you be adding on the waivers after moving 3 for 1?