Trade Burk for Cooper

With Baldwin out I picked up Ted Ginn and Lockett. Being offered Cooper for Burkhead. I have Julio as my WR1. Carr worries me, do I even touch this offer?

I think Cooper definitely has more upside than burkhead but burkhead is safer. With Julio as your WR1 I dont think i’d like to pare him with Cooper, there is alot of boom bust potential between those two.

Thanks, I have K. Cole, Ginn and Lockett. Who would you roll the dice with this week?

I have Cole too but I’m waiting for him to emerge as the top receiver before i start to plug him in, I think it is kind of a toss up between Lockett and Ginn but Lockett is facing the much better D this week with Chicago and the over/under for the saints/ browns game is almost 50 so I would go with Ginn just because there’s more than likely going to be far more points scored in that games.

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Appreciate it

No problem! home that helped.

what the hell. Take the trade lol. I’m worried too but at that price, it’s worth the price of admission.

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I would not play Burkead against JAGS. He was injured all preseason and his rust showed week !. They have James White and Sony Mitchell about to be RB1. I would trade Burkhead. If you want to keep him, he is a flex at best this week.

A cooper wr for Burkhead is no brainer…all about targets

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