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Trade Burk for Cooper


With Baldwin out I picked up Ted Ginn and Lockett. Being offered Cooper for Burkhead. I have Julio as my WR1. Carr worries me, do I even touch this offer?


I think Cooper definitely has more upside than burkhead but burkhead is safer. With Julio as your WR1 I dont think i’d like to pare him with Cooper, there is alot of boom bust potential between those two.


Thanks, I have K. Cole, Ginn and Lockett. Who would you roll the dice with this week?


I have Cole too but I’m waiting for him to emerge as the top receiver before i start to plug him in, I think it is kind of a toss up between Lockett and Ginn but Lockett is facing the much better D this week with Chicago and the over/under for the saints/ browns game is almost 50 so I would go with Ginn just because there’s more than likely going to be far more points scored in that games.


Appreciate it


No problem! home that helped.


what the hell. Take the trade lol. I’m worried too but at that price, it’s worth the price of admission.


I would not play Burkead against JAGS. He was injured all preseason and his rust showed week !. They have James White and Sony Mitchell about to be RB1. I would trade Burkhead. If you want to keep him, he is a flex at best this week.


A cooper wr for Burkhead is no brainer…all about targets