Trade Burton for Cousins?

14 team league. I own Russell, currently streaming Trubisky for this week. Cousins owner has Cam, Cousins and Wentz. He has O’Shaugnessy for TE this week due to McDonald on bye. I was able to snipe Uzomah from him off waivers. Offered Burton for Cousins/McDonald and he considered but now countered just Cousins for Burton. That obviously upgrades me at QB, but with just Uzomah and no one to cover for his week 9 bye is concerning. Should I consider or just hold out over the next few days and see if he caves? I think I have the leverage currently. Could also try Uzomah for Cousins, but honestly I think I’d rather have the Uzomah/McDonald combo vs Burton ROS.

Uzomah should suffice while he’s in. I just dropped Burton in one league as a have Engram and Njoku. I’d do the trade for Cousins. Pretty solid upgrade over Wilson

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Very true, but having just Uzomah with no one to cover week 9 is concerning, but true the upgrade at QB is great. O’Shaugnessy is apparently now out for him so I might hold tight and see if he caves since he’ll be desperate for a TE now.