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Should I trade Geronimo Allison for Chris Hogan?

I would do this. Hogan’s game was an outlier in my opinion. Get him while you can

i’m gonna say yes because i dont think the packers are gonna continue to play from shotgun where allison is targeted most while hogan is an essential part of their offense and had a down week.

Yes, definitely do this trade

Until Rodgers is better they will definitely play from the shotgun, so probably like 2 or 3 more weeks

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No…G Allison will be solid this year. I am a Patriots weekly watcher, living in Boston. Brady likes the underneath passes now. Dorsett is here in Edlemans absense. Hogan has deep threat but is only one now, double teamed. One Edleman comes back in week 4, Hogan 3 targets per game max.

I’m a Pats fan too and I completely disagree with you. Edelman’s return will help Hogan

Hogan was phenominal last year but he’s not a #1 so I don’t think that role will suit him well. Once the #1 corners aren’t focused on him he’ll have more top weeks than Allison. And I believe in Allison but I definitely wouldn’t take him over Hogan

I didnt say that… I said targets matter…Hogan will be better as a depp threat with Edelman back. Right now he is getting double coverage…He is not Julio

Well i agree that we disagee

And again , just 4 now…as in 4 weeks

Would Peyton Barber be a better trade for Hogan then? My other RBs are Kamara, CMC, Drake, and Royce.

I don’t think he’ll get 3 targets a week. He was seeing 6/week last year with cooks there. He saw 6 this week and he has a good rapport with Brady

I would do this in a heartbeat. Hogan won’t get Gronk or even Edelman numbers, but he will get 1v1 coverage all day. Brady trusts him as well, I like it.

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Edleman wasnt there last year…hurt early. When he comes back Hogan 3 targets per game…Brady is 41, and doesnt have the deep ball as in past.

Cooks did crap there last year and he is talented…pick him up, if can…watch him shine now.

What evidence do you have to say that his deep ball is worse than last year? Because last year is all we need to compare to to see Hogan as a WR2. He’s also a red zone threat

I simply disagree with you about this. I live in Boston, watch every game. Have seen Brady move away from deep ball to shorter routes. Hogan will be boom or bust .

The strenght of the Patriots is Gronk, Dorsett 4 now, James White, Rex Burkhead

When Edleman was present Hogan had very little impact except boom or bust. Edleman is that good. I have him stashed on every roster.