TRADE: Cam for Keenan Allen

It’s a dynasty, regular scoring league.
I have Aaron Rodgers so I’m not losing anything.
My WR situation is Antonio Brown, and then I think my second best WR is Jermaine Kearse so I do need another WR. Is that a fair trade? If Cam drops 30 points per game and Allen ends up dropping about 10 is that worth it?

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I don’t know much about dynasty/keeper league so no help from me there but this dramatically improves your roster. Allen is getting a ridiculous target share from rivers and if you have Rodgers you are set. If you weren’t so secure on QB I would second guess it, but you can only play one QB per week and you have needs for a WR2 which Allen is a strong one.

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Ok thank you, I appreciate it. I’m going to do that and try and pull something extra

Yeah buddy ! You’re roster is gonna be nice with a Rodgers AB and Allen… who are your RBs?

Lol Powell, Chris Thompson, Joe Mixon, Aaron Jones

Oh and Duke Johnson

I think this is a great trade. A bench player for a starter, win for you!!!

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I’d do it… it would make your roster much more balanced