Trade Carson for

10 Team PPR

Would you trade Chris Carson for Fournette and one of DSingletary/CSamuel/JWashington?

My team currently:
QB - Lamar, Russ
RB - Saquon, Cook, Carson, Mattison, Mostert, Darwin Thompson
WR - Kupp, E Sanders, M Jones Jr, Robby Anderson, Crowder, John Brown, AJ Green (IR)
TE - Kelce

id rather have chris carson than fournette. his only positive play, and i mean, postivie yards came in the garbage time on a 69 run. that o-line does not seem to open holes, but can pass block decent.

your current team looks stacked, id hold steady.

Don’t think it’ll equal itself out? Fournette still has run more routes than most “pass-catching” backs, which helps me in PPR. I agree, I like Carson more, but I feel my RB depth is weak right now, and getting Singletary with Fournette could help that out as well.

i do like singletary’s upside moving forward when healthy, but i think youd be relying on fournettes passing duties, which i dont like doing on an rb. but it would help your depth,.

what are your waivers looking like for RBs?

Not great lol