Trade Carson/Godwin for Hilton/Aaron Jones?

Original offer was for Kamara instead of Jones, but now that Kamara looks to be out at least this weekend and possibly more, it’s changed to Jones. Thinking this might be the time to sell high on Carson as he has a tough stretch coming up, but also a little concerned about Jones’s touches going forward.

If trade goes through, my RBs would be D. Cook, A. Jones, Gore, Penny and Mattison, and my WRs would be Julio, Hilton, McLaurin, C. Samuel and Mike Williams.

League is 12-team full PPR. Would you make this trade? Thanks in advance.

Carson and Godwin by far is the better side. If you already have those keep them


Thanks, might’ve considered it more for Kamara, was a bit hesitant on Jones but didn’t know if there was something I wasn’t thinking of that would tip it the other way.

Anyone else?

Nope it’s by far the Godwin side

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Thanks, do you think that changes if Kamara turns out to be ok (not expecting that but still) and the offer goes back to Kamara/Hilton?

It’s hard to pass on Kamara but I believe in Godwin. The bucs will throw no matter what and they have a great schedule coming up after week 8

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Not untrue there – I think Godwin was the main piece for him.

Far as Carson goes, I’ll seek out other options for him.