(Trade Caused) Commish Problems

I’m the commissioner in my league and there is a member who is pissed about a recent trade. The number one team traded Deshaun Watson, Duke Johnson, and Jordy Nelson to the winless last place team who lost Aaron Rodgers for Julio Jones and Mark Ingram. The last place member didn’t have another QB rostered and the waivers are pretty bare. The member who is pissed feels like the two teams cheated and says that the last place team doesn’t care and is giving up. I asked the two members about the trade and both feel good about it. We have a 2 day trade review period and nobody voted against the trade or even said anything about it during that time. Also, I know CBS trade values aren’t spot on, but they have the trade being within 3 points.

I don’t have a problem with the trade and feel like the trade is processed and it shouldn’t be an issue. How should I proceed?

Trade should definitely pass through.

It favors one team but it’s not crazy. Do not veto!

Good luck :slight_smile:

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Don’t see anything wrong with this, neither does the majority since most didn’t vote against it. This is very favorable for the guy in last place. He obviously isn’t giving up, and helps his situation.

There is no obvious collusion, not a hint of it. That’s the only reason a trade should be vetoed. I would just tell him this and move on. Maybe all he sees is Julio Jones and Ingram going to the guy in first place, and is panicked about that.

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