Trade CEH +W2 for Carson or James Connor?

I am trying to trade away CEH and have someone that is willing to trade James Connor and Chris Carson for CEH plus one of my WR. My top wide receivers are Godwin, Anderson, Woods, and Amari Cooper. I am 7th in the 10 man league and need to win some games. Full PPR. Would you do the trade and who would you prefer?

if you have no intention of playing Amari this week (i wouldnt play him) then yes, i would absolutely trade CEH/Amari for Carson/Connor. all day.

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Ya I’m doing this deal with any WR. RB2 + WR2 for 2 RB1s. This is a smash accept regardless of the WR.

As a seventh place team yes, I’m moving on from a wr on a bye that has replacement qb to see out season and an rb that isn’t getting enough volume whilst getting two rb1/2.