Trade Chase Edmonds?

Should I trade away Chase Edmonds to the David Johnson owner for Brandon Cook?

Nah. I’d roll with Edmonds over cooks

I also have Nick Cubb, Leonard Fournette and Chris Carson. Looking for someone to play in my flex spot for the rest of the year

What’s wrong with those 3 lol plus Edmonds is a great flex play too. Cooks is hit or miss

Not sure how long David Johnson will be out due to injury. Seems like DJ could have played. So I am trying to sell high on Edmonds while he had his big day. Not sure how much Chase Edmonds will be used going forward

Even the games DJ was good the last two weeks Edmonds had 10+ points in each game. If you do trade him I’d sell him for more than Cooks. I feel you could get someone seeing him as the RB1 and that what he is in my eyes in that offense

Ya, Brandon Cooks is more like a WR3 and I could probably get more then that for Edmonds

Especially now while his value is at its peak. DJs health is in question and he was the number 1 RB this week.