Trade Chris Carson and Tyler Boyd for Julio Jones?


12 Team .5 PPR League

Give up Carson and Boyd for Julio Jones

Current RBs: David Johnson, Dalvin Cook, Carson, Adrian Peterson
Current WRs: Lockett, Cooks, Tyler Boyd, Emmanuel Sanders, Jones Jr. , Hardman, Demarcus Robinson

Would pick up Mattison with the extra waiver spot.

You already have little RB depth and giving away Carson would deplete you. Byes are starting now and depending on AP is scary. Plus if you got an injury you’d be scraping the bottom of the barrel for some back field…or find yourself trading your receivers. Just my opinion

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Kinda agree with this. But if there is a decent backup option (e.g. Hyde, mountgomery etc) that you can either pick up or trade one of your less interesting WRs for. Then I’d be all in.

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Okay I think that’s definitely a fair argument!

I just picked up Darrel Williams in this league as well. Unsure if that changes things at all. I may try to trade some of my surplus receivers as well for a back like you all mentioned.