Trade: Chris Carson, Darius Slayton -> Michael Thomas

Full PPR

Team would look like this if I accept the trade:
QB -Dak
WR1 - Deandre Hopkins
WR2 - Michael Thomas
WR3 - Odell Beckham Jr.
RB1 - Derrick Henry
RB2 - Leonard Fournette
TE1 - Mike Gesicki
Flex - James Robinson

Bench: Russel Gage, Hamler, Henderson Jr, +waiver pickup


Important to note that for potentially several weeks, your WR2 is not MT, it’s Gage. That’s not terrible, but it does mean that you won’t be “great” right away.

Does the other team have a lower end RB on their team you could get back for depth? Or how does the waiver wire look? You’ll be pretty weak at RB after this trade and I don’t know if you’ll be able to survive until MT comes back

His WR2 would be ODB, which isn’t terrible, it’s just not as locked and loaded as it used to be. Luckily they get Washington this week, which has a stout run defense thus far, and could require CLE to pass more than last week.

You also have suitable RB depth to make this trade. However, since they are the ones offering, I would follow what @jvaughan502 said and counter for some RB depth. You’re in the position of power, trading away a starting RB.

Hope this helps.

I did a trade very similar to this last season. I traded Mack and Sutton to aquire Devante Adams. I had Julio and Adams then come playoff time. Hurt me for a few weeks till Adams was healthy but ended up winning my league. I’d do again 100 out of 100 times.