Trade Chris Thompson for Wil Fuller? PPR

Was thinking of making an offer for Cooks from the same owner who has Fuller. His RBs are a disaster right now outside of Saquan. Is Thompson for Fuller fair? Are there any other deals you would make with the rosters below?:

My Team
RBs: Gordon, Ekeler, Michel, Chubb, Duke Jr, Howard, Thompson
WRs: OBJ, JuJu, Sanders, Watkins, Snead

His Team
RBs: Saquan, Bilal, Marshawn, Barber, Buck Allen
WRs: Hopkins, Fuller, Cooks, Thielen, Gabriel

Was thinking of offering Howard and Sanders for Cooks, but am a bit hesitant with my RBs injuries and Byes this week, and Sanders also gets KC this week.

Any thoughts on the offers I would make or any thoughts of what you would offer? 10 Team PPR

I don’t really see a need to do this trade for Fuller. I wouldn’t start him over your current top 3 options, and Thompson I think is more valuable overall to you especially in PPR, and also may have better trade value (if he gets healthy). Maybe you could add Bibbs instead? If you just want a return on Thompson Bc you fear he will be hurt all season then I guess this doesn’t NOT make sense exactly though. But yeah, I’d try to use Thompson to get one of his better Wr’s.

Maybe CT+Watkins/Snead (or all 3) for Hopkins? or Cooks. I’d like that for your team for sure. Or try just straight up at first, maybe using Howard if necessary. For that guys team
I feel like Howard for Cooks is an even trade honestly.

I’ve tried Howard and Hyde for Cooks the last 2 weeks prior to the Hyde trade and he won’t move him. Maybe now with all the RB injuries he sustained.

First of all, congrats on putting together a stud roster. Your team is dank AF. I love it.

Now as for the trade, I’d be fine with giving up CT for Fuller. Neither really makes your starting line up but especially THompson. You have guys with pretty similar characteristics to him already in Ekeler and DJ Jr. You don’t really have that explosive high ceiling guy outside of OBJ on your WR bench though and i can realistically see scenarios where fuller makes it into your line up.

And if the other side needs RBs, they should be willing to accept that trade as well.

In terms of other potential trades, you could target Cooks, but ithink he is much more expensive and honestly, as much as I love cooks, I think JuJu/Sanders are more than serviceable as your WR2/flex players. I just made a trade for sanders prior to his game vs Rams/Cardinals cause I really liked his matchups coming up and think he’ll be a great play anyways. I’d probably temper expectations against KC cause the slot coverage is one of the best parts of their defense but Hou will be another great one.

If you could somehow flip like Howard and Sanders into like Nuk, I’d probably do that trade but doubt the other guy would accept it even in his situation. I’d be willing to go up to Chubb + Sanders but issue is, your RB depth would be hurting. Even though you have a lot of RBs, you are doubled up on the cleveland and Chargers backfields. And you don’t really feel great about starting Gordon + Ekeler together.

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yeah i agree, texted him last night about a move, he asked which rbs are off the table and i told him basically just melvin, would like to hold onto michel but if he gets me nuk or thielen id be willing, but likely holding him as well. havent heard back yet.

Would you rather trade Howard or Thompson for Fuller?