Trade Christian McCaffery for Mark Ingram?

I have no depth in the RB position. My three RBs are Melvin Gordon, Christian McCaffery and Alfred Morris. I would like to trade up for Kamara or Barkley but that would have to be some extra parts

In any kind of ppr league I would never traade CMC for ingram.

Possibly the absolute worst trade ever… if this is ppr even more so. Cmc has his own show and Ingram while he may have got the 3:1 ratio last week won’t be much of a factor going forward. It may start out as a 50-50 split but looking back to lastnight year in the final quarter of games kamara became the clear #1… I fully expect it to return to what it was at the end of last year with kamara leading and ingram more of a change of pace back/bruiser

In any kind of league period, I would not trade CMC for Ingram.

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