TRADE: Chubb for Adams or Godwin? PPR

Guy in my league is considering giving me Adams for Chubb. Said he would do Godwin if anything. What do you guys think?

RB- Barkley/Chubb/Ekeler/Murray/Peterson/Gore
WR- Woods/Lockett/Boyd/Anderson/Beasley/Cobb

Funny enough…I have Chubb on my team and I just thought about trading him for Adams. That would leave me with Adams, Mike Evans, Lockett, Mike Williams and Mclaurin.

RBs would be Aaron Jones, Cook, Breida, Duke Johnson, Drake(picked up hoping he gets traded somewhere good this week).

Typing it out- don’t think my RB depth is as good without Chubb. Yours as well but you would take such a great leap with Adams in your receiving core. In your case I would do it. I feel like Saquon more than makes up for it.

I would do it with your team makeup.
You’d have a strong WR core with depth. Barkley/Ekeler will cover you and with Peterson/Gore/Murray seem to be covered for the bye weeks or in case of anything.

Thanks for your input. Greatly appreciated!

What about Godwin if he isn’t up to trade Adams away?

Not Chubb for Godwin though.

I would not do it for Godwin, especially since you have Evans.