Trade Chubb for Chark and

Would you try trading Chubb and Hunt away for Ingram and Chark?
My RBs are Chubb Fournette David Johnson Edmond McCoy and Hunt
WRs are Hopkins Gordon Alshon and McLaurin

Tough trading Chubb… even for Ingram but you kinda need help at wr. Chark will slow down I think and remember when foles comes back will Charks target share stay high? Questions we don’t know. I’m thinking about selling Chark in the near future

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Bumping for more advice

I think you can get more. What else is available in their roster.

I am looking to trade chubb for gurley/hill but waiting for an additional wr perhaps like landry/Moore. At least that is what I am asking.

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@Sung1018 his WRs are Allen Adams and Chark
RBs are Gurley and Ingram idk how much he values them tho because he offered Ingram and Diggs for just Chubb

Ask for chark in the deal with Diggs and Ingram. Boast up your bench. Or use him to package another deal for a decent backup. Diggs is really a throw away anyways for him.

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So do Chubb and Hunt for Chark and Ingram? @Sung1018

And diggs. You never know.

It seems he needs quality rbs. I use that to your leverage

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Honestly, I think your starting RBs are serviceable, so I would try to trade Chubb/Hunt away for just a better WR … I wouldn’t bother with Ingram (maybe ask for high WR low end RB if you don’t want to lose depth)

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You can never have enough rbs

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@ICRMON @Sung1018 he offered me Adams or Allen straight up for Chubb

If not that I can see David Montgomery and Chark for Chubb @ICRMON

Adams will be out 2-6 weeks. Allen/Diggs for Chubb. Get multiple pieces. I like that deal.

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Would you do Chubb/Fournette, Hunter Henry and Jimmy G for Melvin Gordon and Ryan? @Sung1018