Trade Chubb for Cohen week 11

I just got offered Cohen for Chubb. Is this a good trade to accept? PPR league

No, I’d much rather have Chubb. I probably wouldn’t even respond to that offer. Chubb is coming off a great week and promises great volume rest of season. Cohen doesn’t get the same volume as Chubb and has more of a boom/bust scoring profile. If it’s PPR format, Cohen looks better though.

Yeah it’s PPR

Still wouldn’t do that in PPR.

I don’t see any way Cohen is RB1 rest of the way.

I could see Chubb doing that and being a top 12 guy ROS. 20 carry guys that can take any single touch to the house don’t grow on trees.

Great info. I’m thinking not doing it, but Cohen’s numbers are pretty strong. However I agree. with the Bears new offensive coach, I have a feeling he’ll be utilized a lot more ROS.

Cohen is an extra tiny satellite back. You rarely see a guy like that able to take on the workload to be an RB1. Chubb is an extremely talented workhorse back; IMO he is the next best RB of this class behind barkley.

The two reasons that the breakout took this long are the fact that hue Jackson took until Dorsey traded Hyde to play him and when he was finally played baker mayfield was playing pretty shitty (his qbr shows otherwise due to stay padding) allowing defenders to stack the box.