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Trade Chubb for Tate or Brandon Cook?


Which would you rather get??? Leaning Tate maybe just cuz the Rams sit players in fantasy playoffs because they may clinch a spot… if not maybe could go for Golladay?


Tate may be safer but Cook has much higher upside, particularly if Cupp stays out. Don’t do Golladay. He is a boom/bust WR3. Chubb is a safer RB2.


Would you also trade away Edelman to get David Johnson? I’d be swapping Chubb for Tate possibly


If you ended up swapping Edelman for DJ and then Chubb for Cook, that would be a big win in my book. DJ is still above Chubb for me and Cook is above Edelman.


If not Cook who would u go after between Woods Tate and Sanders in order??




And you’d take Johnson for Edelman?


I would, yes.