Trade Clement for Boyd?

Would you do this trade?

Other rbs are - Gordon, Lynch , Howard RonJones

Receivers - MT , cooper , coutee , mike Williams, Cole

Need serious wr2 help

You def need a WR2. I’m normally big on building RB depth but this may be a trade you consider. Any other RBs of interest on the waiver you could drop MW for?

Nobody on waivers worth picking up at the rb position.

I’d do it and just try to flip him for another receiver I think he has more value than just Boyd

Then should I try and target another receiver rather than Boyd?

Boyd has pretty substantial recognition, despite is lack of name value. Don’t let anyone fool you, he is a solid WR2 to MT.

That’s what I was thinking, and there is a chance Philly trades for an rb lowering clements value.