Trade CMC for Taylor and Clyde Edwards?

My RB’s right now are Melvin Gordon, Ronald Jones, Gibson and Damien Harris.

Do CEH and Taylor have more upside than CMC when he returns? Mike davis has been very efficient. Thanks

I think that’s a slam dunk yes. You get two RB1 for CMC. that’s terrific value and you have solid depth to upgrade WR

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I don’t think I’d do this. CMC on your starting roster each week gives you a shot to win no matter what. Your RB are good enough to hold you until he gets back. Gordon, Jones, gibson have shown they can pop off and give value.

Depending on your record I’d ride it out and keep CMC who is ELITE week in and week out. If you need the RB depth right now pull the trigger but if you can afford to wait I’d rather keep CMC.

Hope this helps.


I am 3-1 and got Lockett, Golladay, Chark, Robert Woods, Gallup as my WR and A. Rodgers as QB.

He is 4-0 with Dak, A. Jones, CEH, Kareem, Taylor, Mike Evans, Diggs

I really like my team, and I have held onto CMC for this long, I know he can easily go back to that role especially if he the Panthers have a decent record, Mike Davis has been putting up really good numbers so its just uncertain what his role may be. But yea your insite helps and gives me a different point of view and overall look at my roster and my position. CEH scares me with KC being a passing offense first and relying on him to catch more because inside the 20 he has not gotten much work.

I would keep CMC especially at 3-1 without him.

You want the #1 player at each position to make a run in the playoffs and I think giving up CMC to load your roster with low-end RB1s/RB2s won’t carry your to the championship. You have great depth when CMC comes back I wouldn’t try to add depth.

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Yea thats really why it’s such a big decision Ive been trying to make. Thank you for the help!

I personally would not give up CMC for CEH.

While CEH is talented and I think eventually be a top tier RB, I dont see CEH being the value that CMC will give you when he comes back.

Since week 1, CEH is averaging 3.6 ypc with 0 TDs. Even his passing work has been mediocre (14 rec 129 yds 0 TDs). Yes, KC has played some elite defenses, however KC is a pass heavy team where CEH is at minimum option 3 in the passing game.

CMC has 4 TDs in 2 games and is the 1st or 2nd option in the passing game.

Currently, CEH has played 2 more games than CMC, but only has 2-3 more fantasy points, depending on how your league is formatted (my league: CMC=43 pts CEH=44 pts), than CMC.

Since you have the RB depth to cover CMC, I would keep him.

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Assuming this is redraft, it’s tough for me. My initial was yes but after thinking and reading others responses, I think I agree with them on keeping CMC. If this is a dynasty, I would do the trade in a heartbeat.


Yes redraft. Yea these posts have really helped me think about it and making me believe CMC will have more upside with his return.

This actually really really helped. I appreciate you taking the time for this. I think Im going to keep CMC. I mean ive stuck with him this long and the stats. PLus as you said with my RB depth i can cover for now and with my WR’s to cover flex if needed. Thanks and good luck the rest of your season!

So he changed the offer to Kareem and CEH for CMC and Gordon.

Oh man, that is more juicy of a trade. Hunt I fully believe will be a solid RB1 with top 5 upside while Chubb is out.

CEH is poised to have his breakout game this week against LV (#1 in fantasy points given up to RBs).

This changes the whole trade.

You get a top RB1 and a RB1/2 with great upside for CMC and Gordon with Lindsay coming back.

This one I will say you should accept.