Trade CMC for Thomas and Cook

Was offered Micheal Thomas and Dalvin Cook for CMC in a .5ppr. I’m tempted to take it thoughts?

QB: Cam Newton
RB: Chris Carson
WR: Mike Evans
WR: Robert Woods
TE: Evan Engram
FLEX: Josh Jacobs

Matt Ryan
Justin Jackson
Tony Pollard
James White
Geronimo Allison
Marvin Jones

There’s no clear cut answer to this, because of Dalvin’s injury history.

It’s REALLY tempting, because if you do it and he stays healthy, you won’t see much of a dropoff at RB and you’ll also become absolutely fierce at WR.

But we all know Dalvin’s a roll of the dice healthwise. There’s also talk that while he will get goal line work, he will not be a 3 down back.

Anyone telling you that the answer to this is obvious can’t admit that we just don’t know what will happen.

I personally would do it because of what it does for you at WR and because it potentially yields a higher reward than your present situation. Plus, if Dalvin does go kaput, you’re still in pretty good shape with Jacobs, and potentially Jackson (the Gordon holdout looks like it was built to last).

But this decision is yours and yours alone.

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Yeah the injury history is why I hesitate. Alexander Mattison was just dropped the other day. I could drop Allison or Jackson for him to be safe as well.

Also I appreciate the feedback.

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I’d do that and pick up mattison instead of justin Jackson. You’re getting an extra player so you’ll probably have to drop ryan or allison

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FWIW, I’m pretty high on Justin Jackson…as I suggested, this Gordon holdout looks like it’s gonna get ugly. I’d hang on to him. I’d drop Geronimo to pick up Mattison.

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Appreciate the help. I’ve decided to take the offer, just waiting on the Mattison claim to go through.

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Good luck!

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