Trade cmc I’m not sure though

Should I trade cmc for devontae Freeman, Sony Michel, and AJ green? Part of me is saying yes other part is saying no. Need advice!

That’s a real tough one. What’s your point settings? Also, no reason to roster two QBs or TEs. Drop both your spare guys.

.5 ppr and yeah good point ! Thanks

I wouldn’t. Never want to give up the best player in the deal in my opinion, and you’d be doing that by a pretty wide margin here.


My only thought is that you could really use the depth. Flexing Breida could prove to be pretty tough, and your WRs essentially fall off the map after Keenan.

Valid points but as long as McKinnon is out, Breida is a fine flex. AJ Green doesn’t do a whole lot for his WR depth now anyways. I’d stand pat.

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