Trade CMC in dynasty?

Super flex, full PPR, TE premium, 12-team

On one hand: it’s CMC. He’s debatably the most valuable asset in fantasy (when healthy).
On the other hand: I’m not contending this year. CMC is also 25, approaching that time where running backs start to fade. Could CMC turn into a similar situation with injuries like what happened to Todd Gurley? I know CMC is better than Gurley in their primes, but it’s looking pretty similar right now.

If I trade CMC, what should I ask for him? Should I wait til he’s off IR to trade him? I also have Davante Adams, should I trade him too? I need to rebuild! :sweat_smile:

I’m right there with you and I’m leaning toward trading him, but we won’t get near the value for him right now that we should. We have to hope he comes back and rebounds a bit.

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