Trade CMC or no?

Send - CMC
Get - M Sanders/1.05/1.06/2.07/2.10

I have the 1.04

RBs - Saquon/Drake/R Jones/Singletary/Hines/Mattison/White/Snell

WRs - Evans/golladay/Aiyuk/cooks/M Jones/R Anderson/Crowder/Perriman

On paper I should dominate with CMC and Saquon… but it hasn’t happened the last two years. The thought of having the 1.04/1.05/1.06 picks seems super enticing… what do I do???

I would take this trade, while CMC is a stud your roster allows you to take a shot at getting the next stud ( or two) and if you miss on one of your first round picks it doesn’t sting as much when you have 3 in a row… plus I like the prospect of miles sanders with hurts for a full season