Trade CMC? Really need advice

PPR League: 3-3 Need to make changes. Here is my normal lineup. Basically everyone has been inconsistent.

I have the opportunity to trade CMC+Hubbard for:

A: Aaron Jones without AJ Dillion
B: Jonathon Taylor with Nyheim Hines

Please comment and tell me your thoughts

Im leaning to Taylor personally

I think having CMC and Hubbard is a good package trade offer.

So Taylor with Hines kind of matches but they are complementary to each other not the back up to each other…

With Hubbard in there it makes it super safe for the other team so maybe try and add another axillary piece that may help during the bye week instead of Hines.

Just CMC for Jones is more even and keep Hubbard for yourself

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With having CMC go down on me two years in a row i feel very unsafe not having a top 10 RB back up. He feels the same about CMC he needs hubbard to do the trade.

I feel like they hold separate value if you can make that happen. People need a starter this week in a bad way but some dont and can afford to wait on CMC. If you can get deals done that way you may be better off. Id prefer jones to taylor though if your set on moving him

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If i want to make my week 13 playoffs i think i have to trade him. He isn’t eligible to return until week 9 IF he is fully healthy

Id reach out to owners who you think could wait on cmc and ask if they wanna make an offer for him and then do the same but with the owners who need hubbard this week

im with dbmville. I like Jones over Taylor