Trade CMC?

Sup, Foot Clan? Need some advice. This is my LoR team which is Full PPR and .2 per rush attempt.

I trade: CMC, James White, and Curtis Samuel

To get: Zeke, Godwin, and Ingram

This is a two keeper league so I could potentially keep CMC for a 14th (yes, that’s right) round pick next year.

My other WRs are Hopkins, Adams, Evans, and Hollywood. My other RBs are Mixon and Kerryon.

I feel like I have the pieces to win if my WRs get some positive regression and CMC could put me over the top. Plus, I’m slightly concerned about having Evans and Godwin on the same roster. What do you all think? I’m stuck.

I wouldn’t do it. That’s fair value for CMC, I just wouldn’t feel all that good about it after, especially with your current WR’s.

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That’s where I’m leaning as well

You have good WRs. Stick with CMC

I’m having almost same situation. I have CMC PPR 10 team and I’m 3-2. Trying to trade him and McLaurin for Zeke, Cooks and Ty Hilton