Trade Collins/Breida for Keenan Allen?

I have Cook, Barkley, and White as my other RB. Have Diggs and Gordon as my 2 primary WR. Would be trading RB depth for a good WR. Worth the trade? Odds of K Allen being better moving forward?


i would probably pull the trigger here.

Barkley locked in. white locked in. cook about to be locked in and you should already be cuffing cook with latavius. so thats enough running back depth right there ROS unless something drastic happens.

Im rolling with Keenan Allen and Diggs as my top 2 WR right now with Landry as my wr3. I’m still looking to upgrade for an elite WR the rest of the way. and i already have keenan…

Barkley, Cook, Keenan, Diggs, then gordon and white in the flex is a solid ass core. Id never be comfortable starting collins, and while i like breida, you never know what youre going to get with his injury risk or whatever you wanna call it. IMO youre shedding depth that you probably wont be playing regardless and are upgrading to a WR with top 5 upside.