Trade Collusion or Fair Trade

Hey clan, Just wondering your thoughts on this trade done a few days before our leagues deadline.

Team A: Get TY Hikton
Team B: Get Matt Ryan & Austin Ekeler

Team A is 8-3 and in 2nd place. He needed a WR badly after losing Cooper Kupp last week.
Team B is 5-6 and one spot outside the playoff spots. He already has Luck and Rivers as QB, but we only start 1 QB weekly.
Both guys are friends but most of the league is because its an ex work group or dudes I joined.

This looks suspicious, ask owner B how this trade benefits his team. I very much doubt the answer will be reasonable and you’ll probably need to veto it after some investigation. If you do veto, be sure to alert the league of why the trade is being vetoed to minimize complaints(no one should other than these two).

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I can see a way for an inexperienced owner to trade TY away for a QB, thinking he’s selling high after his big game. But you’re going to be the better judge of the situation.

Thanks for the reply.
Team B owner is the comish and has been for years and knows his stuff so its not inexperience in trading.
Normally we have a 2 day period for trades to go thru, but as he’s comish, I guess he put the trade thru manually right away.
I got the email notifying us all of a trade proposal, and an hour later it was confirmed. This is Ireland timezone, and took place at 5.30am this morning so it’s too late for anyone to veto now as it’s a done deal.

Update from Team B in group chat after 2 of us objected it doesn’t look quite a fair trade:

“Yeah well I’m pretty much willing to unload my squad at this point to anybody who doesn’t whine like a little bitch”

This looks fair on paper. I’d ask for his reasoning for wanting 3 top quarterbacks. There is a chance he might want Ryan for some upcoming match ups but I cannot see why. Teams like the Saints, GB, Tampa are still on ATLs schedule. Maybe he tried to flip one of the others and it didn’t work out? If he has to win now to get in then NOLA vs. ATL sounds like a game I would want a piece of.

Edit- Was typing this before you made last post. Does your league have rules against someone unloading their team?

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No we don’t have rules that go that deep unfortunately, it’s a bunch of guys who worked and/or worked together for years. I was invited into it 3 years ago and have been in it since. The leagues been running for about 5-6 years, 70% the same guys from the beginning.
Team B is the comish since Day1 so he holds the keys to the kingdom. He does get pretty salty over losses and not being near the top of the rankings, I guess this is his way of throwing toys out of the pram.

Just down to if its even worth the fight then or if you want to put up with it. If not probably best to find another league for next year.

Is this a cash league?
Cause that’s a serious issue if the commish forced it through, when there’s already a system in place and he decides to bypass it.

Oh is there a veto system or commish veto?

I have commish veto but I go ahead an push trades through most of the time, especially if it wouldn’t process before the games are played. Guys that make deals deserve to get their guys in a timely manner, imo, but if there is a time limit built in for protests or veto votes and he bypassed that then that is a big no no.

Yeah it’s $20 a man entry, 10 teams so the winner gets $200. So not a huge amount, but still something nice to win.

The comish has the power to push through trades before the 2 day waiting period, I’ve seen him do it for other trades, it depends on if he has time to log into the system and do it, or if not he waits the 2 days and it goes through automatically. I’ve seen some trades be approved after a day or so, but not one after 2 hours, at 5.30am, involving him tanking to a friend. Dunno.

^Yeah maybe it’s a comish veto he has that he uses on some trades.
And it being Monday morning here, I’m suspicious why he did force it through so early and fast. 2 days from now after the usual cool off period, there’s still no games being played.

2 of us have flagged it anyway in our group chat, so will see what happens. Just a bummer to have spent a lot of time on my draft and building a good team, for one guy to actively tank and throw away good players.

Is there a co-commish or second in command? Basically the main issue here is you can prove collusion, which is the one reason I wouldn’t allow this trade. If you have him in chat log saying what you posted above that should be more than enough.

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If it’s a commish veto its less bad, but he has a responsibility to play fair and enforce good faith especially with money regardless how little

I agree there. It sounds like the pushing through wasn’t done to avoid anything really though since he has done it before. I basically tell players hey if you need it pushed through, like if you need to use the guy Thursday night and you made the trade on Wednesday then let me know, but if it will process before the next game then don’t bother me with it. I also don’t consider ‘fairness’ into a deal, only collusion. Grown folks should be able to manage their own teams.

It can always be reversed if you can prove collusion, which it sounds like he flat out admitted to. With his attitude of basically saying he would unload his team to guys that don’t whine then I probably wouldn’t be back next year if he is blatantly bending the rules, admitting to it and basically calling you a whiner over it.

If B is handcuffing Gordon and has tons of WR then it could be ok. The forcing through is weird and admitting to offloading players isn’t great.

Perhaps you could get in on his fire-sale and make him some offers?

Nah he doesn’t have Gordon and his team is trash apart from Hilton he used to have:
Rivers, Luck
Collins, T Coleman, Cohen, Drake, Michel
Cooks, Lockett, Goodwin
Graham, Howard

Me offering him a Carlos Hyde and Wentz combo for Cooks would be the exact same bullshit the other guy did, and I wouldn’t feel good doing that. Plus I would expect it to be vetoed as unfair!

Looking at his roster that trade makes little sense.