(TRADE COMPLETED) Was it good?

Gave- Kansas City Cheifs DEF
Loins DEF
Sammy watkins
Sterling shepard

Received - Dez bryant
Julio jones
TY Montgomery

Did you hold a gun to his head to get this trade though? two defenses, and two bad WR for superstars?? HOW??


NO the thing was we was both in a Live draft talking HE wanted cheifs so bad he kept begging i said ill send you a trade the nhe said if u take a wr i want one back this dude accepted i JUST got it today HAHA so it was good btw i have seahawks DEF left

Is this a humble brag? and how did the league allow this trade? Even if the league doesn’t veto, this smells like collusion

Also why did you own 3 Defenses??? This league must be full of noobs

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well i starting picking def like 2nd round cause i wanted to switch it upbtw they arnt noobs im actually 2-3 they are really good so im so happy i got this trade fo i can do good my other league im 5-0 but this one im 2-3

you guys need to change some league rules if stuff like this can happen…


this is my best one so far

this is my 5-0 team

LOL. Have to be noobs if you started picking defenses 2nd round. In “Most” leagues, you just received a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd round pick for a 6th, 14th and 2 16th round picks

they picked there DEF last

im telling you they arnt noobs lmao they are better then me i join LIVE DRAFT its not like i pick them

There is no argument that can be laid out that convinces me this is a fair good league.

so out of all my league random leagues they are all not fair ok…

heres my last one

so they all arnt fair? and noobs?