Trade Conner & Bell for Barkley?

I might be able to get Barkley for Bell and Conner
Half point PPR
My other RBs are Fournette, Ingram, Michel, A. Jones, R.Freeman, Lindsay

Yay?.. Nay?

I’d hold onto both. Bell might be traded in which case you’d have 2 starting RBs on your hands

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@jaguileraroh Said it all.

You don’t really need Barkley with your current lineup either. So you have the luxury of waiting on Bell.

I was trying to do a package deal that included Fournette for Barkley but he wants those 2… Im not feelin it so imma say no… Thanks my man

That would be a much better path. Yeah, I think you’re wise to hang onto Bell/Conner here for sure. No prob