Trade conner for brees?

Trade connor for brees? Or connor and mike williams for brees and hurns?

My qb is big ben

I’d probably do it but it depends on your RB situation. IF things go south with Bell then Connor will be of more value. BUT if you think Bell will show up to camp, Connor will be on the waivers within a few weeks and you’ll wish you had gotten the Brees value.

Conner for Brees is decent value. I’d go and try and charge whoever the lev bell owner is more though.


My rbs are DJ lynch McCoy sony, Kerryon, wilkins

Wrs are thelien, m thomas, m williams, g Allison

This is a trade with bell owner but he is cheap

Then turn it down. You can def get more than a QB for Conner. Let him sweat it out if he has to. Punish the stubborness. You can afford it, he cannot.

Trust me, he will have to pay up for Conner the closer it gets to game day. And if bell sits week 1, the next likely scenario is he sits to week 10. At that point. this guy is going to panick and you’ll get more. Or worse case scenario, he’s so stubborn he’s willing to let his season go down the drain. One less person you need to compete with.

Win win.


Thank you very much friend

Are you kidding? Take Brees all day for that. I wouldn’t be able to click accept fast enough.

But brees wasn’t really great last year. Pls convince me

He was good last year just not his normal Brees self. It was an anomaly. He will bounce back in a big way… this coming from a Falcons fan so it hurts to say that.

I actually got burned by Brees last year but I’d take him again this year. I don’t expect him to be throwing like the old days but neither do I expect a repeat of last year’s fantasy production. Somewhere in the middle is probably where it will end up.

I love brees this year. I just don’t value QBs in single QB leagues. Like I said at the very beginning, it’s a fair offer, I would just charge more for a Bell Owner and they should be more than willing to pay more. If you have to, throw in big ben and then get an upgrade elsewhere.

This is a 3 keeper league as well. What if Conner is the guy next year. He could be a solid keeper maybe?

That initial trade isn’t quite enough. Given your other RBs. See if he ups his offer; if not, you can’t lose what you never had. And maybe you have the starter for 10 weeks(ish).

This situation is looking pretty grim.

I wouldn’t really try and predict things that far. Sure conner could be the next guy he could be decent, or it could be hype and steelers can easily go and acquire someone via draft or FA next year. Also, I’d hope that if its 3 keeper league, you have better keeper options than wasting one of Conner at this point.

I personally wouldn’t factor that decision in. I’m just basing my recommendation off the fact that if he has Bell, he likely is now starving at the RB position and he should be willing to give up more than a QB to hedge his bets. If he isn’t then he’s either stubborn or reckless.

So if I give Conner and get brees and maybe he throws in hurns. Jump on this trade

i think brees has a big bounce back year this year but i also think ben has a really good year, i dont see the necessity of trading a current starting rb for a qb when you have one thats fine as is, would attempt for a skill position, or at least a better qb. the conner and mike williams for hurns and brees is trash for you though, i tell that owner to stop with the bs and make a serious offer or he’s losing out on Bell’s replacement

Sorry for being extra cautious by the way. Obviously want to make the best decision for my team

I’ve always had success with streaming qb as well

This is the point I’ve been trying to make all along but he said it better than me. Hurns changes nothing for me. he’s a dart throw. I’d try and either package connor to get an upgrade at your WR positions, or do a straight up trade for a WR/TE upgade (if he has an elite one) rather than QB.

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