Trade Conner?

I am thinking of offering Conner to the Bell owner for Bell. I would be throwing in one or two WRs (probably Robbie Anderson and/or Lockett). He is in need of WRs too. Any thoughts? Am I offering enough? Too much? I have Zeke, Howard, Drake, and D Lewis for my other RBs.

You have the RB depth to wait for Bell so I’d do it. If you can do Conner and Anderson I’d def do it.

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Would you do all three (Conner, Anderson, and Lockett)? Or is that too much. I think I’m gonna have to “over offer” a little to pull this off…

Honestly I’m pretty low on both Anderson and lockett, but I wouldn’t overpay for Bell. If Bell is out 10 weeks, then Conner by himself is better than Bell. You need to make it to the playoffs (or be closely in contention) for Bell to matter at that point. If he’s only out this week then this trade looks great. It really comes down to which side you’re willing to take the gamble on.