Trade! Connor and John Brown for Diggs and Lindsay

Traded connor and Brown away as I have zeke and barkley as my backs. Was this a good trade / % change Bell doesn’t play for the Steelers this year.

Sounds like a pretty good trade, who r ur other WRs?

juju, golladay, enunwa and cooper

Yea sounds like u did well, diggs is a nice addition to the reciever corps and ur RBs are good so i give u a thumbs up on it

Nicely done.

Damn. Yeah you have a stacked team now IMO. Well done.

You made out like a bandit. Conner is a rental for 4 more weeks and as much as I love john Brown, I love Diggs that much more.

Diggs > Brown
Lindsay > Conner

You won on both pieces. Well done.

There is a <1% chance that Bell doesn’t play for steelers this year. No team is going to give up a 2nd or 3rd round draft pick for Bell given he will hit FA in off season and go to highest bidder anyway. Doesn’t make sense to get a rental. The trade isn’t going to happen. Once Bell comes back, Conner going to be riding the bench.

I was leaning towards that happening with Bell which is why I made that trade. I’m 4-0 and dominating so far so I’m trading towards playoff team. I traded ekeler for Golladay last night in prep to try and get ObJ off a 0-4 team.

Would trading golladay linday and cooper for obj and oj howard be worth it for me to lock up my flex spot?

This is robbery.

If you’re able to play OBJ as a flex, you’re team must be incredibly stacked. I think that’s a pretty even exchaneg in terms of value. If you can afford to give up that depth, buy OBJ. 3 players I am buying everywhere and anywhere:

AB, OBJ, Keenan Allen. Top buy low candidates just based on some advanced metrics like Air yard %, market share, etc. But mainly cause they are all proven bonified studs who are underperforming thus far.

Melvin Gordon owner wanted ekeler as handcuff and had D adams and Green as Wr so he didn’t care giving me golladay.

I also have an offer giving cooper and golladay for Dalvin cook. Thoughts? Stash him over OBJ for flex spot playoffs?

I am not a fan of OBJ not because of my undying allegiance to the Eagles, but he is unfortunately a victim of circumstance with a terrible team and jr. high level offense… I’d try and flip him into anything else, maybe even the stability of Cooper Kupp or Jarvis Landry or Thielen…

Anyone who is willing to give up OBJ for any of these players, jump on it like flies on shit.