Trade Connor and ty or Gordon and ty for Gurley?

Would you do that trade to get gurley ros or stand pat I still have diggs and Adams at wr. Connor has the job ros it looks like and should dominate and Gordon is a monster but Hurley is obviously the goat

I love the Connor one but the Gordon one it’s really close.

Send TY and Gordon. That’s a win for you. Assuming that’s Josh Gordon… If it’s Melvin I’d probably stick with what you’ve got.

melvin gordon, obviously no one would do josh gordon and ty (two receivers) for the best rb in fantasy

You should specify in your post. Obviously nobody should trade arguably the second or third best rb for the best rb.

Dude not Gordon. Def Connor and ty and hurry go do that

Its not obvious actually gurley is in a class of his own, anyone who plays fantasy knows two wrs for the best rb doesn’t make sense no need to specify. Nice try though bud

If you have to ask about gordon AND a piece for Gurley you probably shouldn’t be acting like other people don’t know what they’re talking about.

Please troll elsewhere

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I assumed you meant Melvin Gordon.

Also, I don’t think it’s obvious that nobody would do Josh G + TY for Gurley. I’m often amazed at the accepted trades people brag about on here

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A piece to some may be different to others. Idk why you’re acting like Melvin gordon is Barry Sanders. Troll elsewhere buddy

Move along bud no trolling here just looking for feedback from fellow ballers

Also who else would you give up if no another top 4 rb like Gordon and a piece for LITERALLY the best player in fantasy. To get the best you have to give up another great player or the gurley owner wouldn’t even consider it.