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Trade conundrum


Thoughts on trading my Gillislee and Maclin for his Pryor.
RBs: DJ, Crow, t. West, Coleman, Kamara
WRs: Dez, Crabtree, t Williams, Ginn


I wouldn’t, with your line-up why make a trade. I trade to fill a need on my roster and you don’t have one yet. Also a fair trade would be Gilli for Pryor, the 2 for 1 is not balanced.


If I knew for a fact that west is going to be even a low end rb2 I would do this trade. But your rbs are too weak after your starters for me to be ok with this trade. So heaven forbid, if dj ever got hurt you would be screwed. But I do like the idea of adding pryor to this we core. Has the makings of som3 boom potential.