Trade Cook for Chubb

With Hyde being traded, I really like Chubb ROS. Would you trade D. Cook for Chubb straight up? I am having a hard time figuring out another piece I could trade that isn’t ripping the other team off. Rest of team=
Qb: Winston and Rivers
Rb: Mixon, Howard, Cook, Mccoy, C. Thompson, j. Richard
Wr: A. Brown, Hilton, C. Davis, J. Brown
Te: Njoku

Not the worst idea since who knows when/if cook comes back but definitely high risk involved if he does

I like it unless the Latavius owner happens to want Cook badly enough to give up a top WR irrationally

I could check this out. Most of my league mates are pretty rational. That’s why I am not super keen on selling low on COoks, but also think coudl be buying low on Chubb so