Trade Cooks and Henry for Jacobs and Justin Jackson?

It’s a full ppr league with full point for first downs, 6 points for passing tds, points for 40 yd plays and other custom bonus scoring.

I have Henry but I’m worried about the Titans offense this year.

We start 1 qb, 3 wr, 2 rb, 1 te, 2 flex, one def.

Qb: Goff
Rbs: Kamara, Henry, Sanders, Breida, L Murray, D Thompson
Wrs: Evans, Woods, Cooks, Westbrook, Kirk, Gallup, A Wilson
Te: Rudolph, Waller, (Reed available on wire) drop Rudolph for him?
DEF: Chargers

No kickers

Make the trade? Thanks in advance.

I would trade Henry immediately while people think he still has value cause once he plays that value becomes close to none theres plenty of evidence in his career to say that he wont be very successful

I wouldn’t do that trade. Jacobs is the most valuable piece of the trade, but Cooks and Henry are pretty close and Jackson isn’t even starting, he is a 2nd or 3rd string(if Gordon plays). I wouldn’t give up trade your wr3 and rb2 for a rb2 and a bench player. Also have to start 3 wrs so I think cooks, evans and woods are solid wrs to start.

i would trade henry, i havent heard any good news about the titans this year. henry is hit or miss big miss. and you seem to have some depth in WR to lose cooks.

It depends on how badly you want Josh Jacobs (and how confident you are that he’ll be a stud).

Henry plays for a bad team that will be in negative game scripts all the time.

And of the three receivers on the Rams, Cooks is the last one Goff looks for in the red zone.

Plus, you already have Woods.

Ekeler is fragile and Jackson could wind up carrying the load. Even if he doesn’t, he will be fantasy-relevant. Gordon’s holdout has all the makings of an ugly, long-lasting one.

While I think I’d do this trade, but not before exploring what your trade partner would be willing to offer instead of Jackson.

I did ask if he’ll trade Mattison instead of Jackson, would it be better to trade for him instead?

I like Jackson’s situation better than Mattison’s. He’s also consistently ranked higher by most fantasy ranking outlets (except this one, where he’s one spot below Mattison, which I disagree with, fwiw).

Definitely field more opinions than just mine, though!

How about Cooks and Henry for David Montgomery?

I’d take Jacobs over Montgomery. Jacobs will be a bell cow. I’d do the Cooks and Henry for Jacobs and Jackson. Jackson will be carrying the ball at some point and have Fantasy relevance as long as Gordon is out. Cooks is a big play guy vs woods who is the consistent WR on the team still having a high upside getting red zone looks. Henry is awful and is being drafted based on the recency bias of last years ending performance. Just my two cents on the players but I’d do it.