Trade Cooks and Juju for Julio?

Full PPR - 3 WR league, my top 4 receivers atm are Adams, Robby A., Juju and Cooks. If I do this trade my top 4 receivers would then be Adams, Robby A., Julio, Mooney/Gage/Tyrell Williams. Should I pull the trigger and upgrade my WR2?

I don’t see any change to your WR2, and I’m not sure Julio is an upgrade over either Juju OR Cooks by themselves, let alone both–so I’m not sure why you would even be considering this.

just worried about the target share in PIT with Najee coming to town and the trash bag that is the Texans. But cooks should be a target hog this year so i mean, i get it.

I would rather have Julio than either JuJu or Cooks. Plus that allows you to add a free agent to your roster.

But would you rather have Julio than BOTH?