Trade Cooks for D Freeman?

I offered trade.

It’s a full ppr league with full point for first downs, 6 points for passing tds, points for 40 yd plays and other custom bonus scoring. Will Freeman stay healthy this year?

I have Henry but I’m worried about the Titans offense this year, and think I can use another rb.

We start 1 qb, 3 wr, 2 rb, 1 te, 2 flex, one def.

Qb: Goff
Rbs: Kamara, Henry, Sanders, Breida, L Murray, D Thompson
Wrs: Evans, Woods, Cooks, Westbrook, Kirk, Gallup, A Wilson
Te: Rudolph, Waller, (Reed available on wire)
DEF: Chargers

No kickers

Make the trade? Thanks in advance.

I couldn’t be more down on Henry but that’s just my own personal opinion. You also have both Cooks and Woods, so your upside is capped by that. I think overall it’s a good trade offer and would offer it up.

I’m hesitant to suggest this because you have to start a lot of skill positional players, but I’d maybe consider packaging Cooks with Henry for an even better RB than Freeman (not saying he won’t be great, but you can always do better if you don’t have the #1 overall).

Given you have woods, would be fine with this trade.

Health is a big concern and no one can answer that for you. I just got freeman on my first team in redraft and didn’t really feel great about it but needed an RB. It’sa risk you take but you do need that RB2 to provide you with production as Sanders isn’t going to start for you right away.