Trade: Cooks for Goedert?

An offer on the table: Dallas Goedert for Brandin Cooks.

I have Hurst at TE besides Goedert. My current WRs are Robinson, McLaurin, Gallup, Marvin Jones, Lazard. I also have Watson at QB.

Figuring if the trade goes through, if I still want to stash a second TE then I can drop Lazard and pick up Jonnu Smith, Ebron or Jarwin, all of whom are on the wire. (If I get Jarwin I’d be stacking DAL as I also have Zeke.) So in practical terms, the trade would really be giving up Goedert and Lazard for Cooks and one of J Smith/Ebron/Jarwin.

League is full PPR. Thoughts? Thanks in advance.

I would do that. Goedert’s ceiling is limited with Ertz being the main TE target. Cooks has a chance to be the #1 target in Houston so I say go right ahead

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The offer has been amended to Cooks for Lindsay.

Would leave me with Zeke, A Jones, Mostert and Pollard at RB, for now.

I would still do the trade giving up Lindsey. You’re already deep at that position and who knows what the split will be for him and Gordon. Cooks has the possibility of of having a huge year.

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This is true, thank you. I can always pick up Boston Scott to replace Lindsay at RB. But I just reached out to someone else about Goedert for Moss to replace Lindsay (I think that may be turned down but worth a shot) so I’ll give it a few to see what happens there.

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