Trade Cooper Away

I know it’s a sell low week.

But who could be a target to trade Cooper away for?

Or package Cooper with someone like C Davis for a better player in return

a bag of cheetos? Seriously i’m in the same boat. I mean maybe you snag a WR3 like Galloday who might just be stuck on someones bench and they can afford to wait for Amari to become something, that’s yoru best shot IMO, find the team already stacked that’s willing to roll the dice, but your price is gonna be low.

No way someone is giving up Galloday for Cooper. Depending on your league Galloday is a WR1 point wise so even if my team isn’t using him I am making damn sure some other team ISNT using him against me.

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in the same boat, I came very close to trading him away for Kenyan Drake but then another offer came in that he liked better.

I’m not saying it’s a likely trade but that’s what you’re looking for as a cooper owner, is someone whos snagged all the best WR’s over the last 2 weeks from waivers who doesn’t have a lot invested. If you have say a bench with Boyd, Golladay, Brown, and Ridley (possible) you could totally be like i’ll give you 1 for the shot that Amari recovers.

I actually tried to sell Shep for Amari a week ago and got shut down. I bet the guy wishes he took that trade now.

Why would that person trade golladay for Cooper?
Golladay is miles ahead of Cooper and in my eyes Cooper’s ceiling is even that much higher