Trade Cooper for a 6 piece chicken McNugget?

Can someone talk me off a cliff? WTF happened to Amari Cooper last night. 3 fu*kin targets? 1 catch? Curious what the community feels about the horrible spectacle we saw last night.

The matchup was bad to begin with. It’s only week 1 & they were playing it safe.
Amari cooper will have his weeks.

1 week, come off the ledge. This is the joy of owning Cooper and why I avoided him

I really thought with a new regime, crabtree gone, cooper healthy and Gruden saying he was their guy, things would be different…FURIOUS

I had cooper too and needed 5 points to beat my opponent. I went into Monday 100% confident I was going to win…then I watched in disbelief as Gruden’s “mismatch” plan utterly screwed me. I don’t blame cooper at all, he can’t do anything about it if your coach is a moron and doesn’t even attempt to utilize his most talented offensive weapon…Patriots are usually players I stay away from because it can vary so much week to week and it’s hard to rely on anyone besides Gronk, I terrified now that Gruden is going to do this week in and week out. I had high hopes for Cooper but I’m drowning in those hopes now. Not to mention I have Baldwin too and he got me whopping 0.0 pts as well.