Trade: Cooper for Drake

My WR bench is deep. I have Moore, Kupp, Cooper, Ridley, and Diontae Johnson. Was considering shooting an offer to the frustrated Drake owner (who’s looking to trade) an offer. I send Cooper, receive Drake. Full PPR. I can always just hold. But I like Drakes upcoming schedule. Thoughts? Thanks!

think it seems fair. your WR core seems stacked, you could afford to go without cooper.

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I would suggest offering the trade, especially if the Drake owner is ready to move on from Drake.

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Yup, i’d do it. Drake has faced good fronts in the first couple weeks. He’s getting the touches, the breakout is coming. Wont be able to buy him after this week I predict.


Thanks all. Trade sent, see what he says.

Out of curiosity, what do your RBs look like?

Cook, Jacobs, Gibson, Moss, Bell

We start 1RB, 2WR, 2FLEX

Interested in the outcome of this, have similar offers out in my league.